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Ufone Packages

  • April 15, 2024

Ufone is one of the most preferred cellular networks in all major cities and towns across Pakistan. With a loyal fan base, Ufone is celebrated for its wide coverage, crystal clear sound, more stable internet connectivity, and, needless to say, its creative, witty ad campaigns. On top of this, Ufone offers several internet, call, and SMS packages that help you connect with the world with convenience.

Ufone Internet Packages

Internet packages offered by Ufone include daily, weekly, and monthly bundles, providing internet connectivity to people with diverse data requirements. Below is a tabled overview of the latest Ufone internet packages.

Daily offers

Package NamePackage DetailsValidityPriceActivation Code
Unlimited Instagram & Threads Offer500 MB (Instagram & Threads)24 hoursRs. 5 (Load)Dial: *9898#
Daily Free Fire Offer750 MB (250MB Data + 500MB Free Fire)24 hoursRs. 12 (Load)Dial: *8080#
Daily PUBGM OfferInternet: 750 MB (250MB Data+ 500MB PUBG)24 hoursRs. 12 (Load)Dial: *8080#
Best Morning Offer2GB9AM – 12PMRs. 7 ( *4200#
Daily Off Peak Plus1.5 GB6AM – 6PMRs. 15.65 ( *10#
Mega Internet2 GB12 AM – 12 PMRs. 20 ( *550#
Daily Light40 MB Data + 1GB (Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Line)1 DayRs. 16.52 ( *2256#
Unlimited Whatsapp Offer500 MB Whatsapp1 DayRs. 5 (Load)Dial: *987#
SnapChat offer100 MBs Snapchat1 DayFree of CostDial: *7627#

Weekly Offer

Package NamePackage DetailsPriceActivation Code
Weekly Digital OfferInternet: 60 GBUfone & PTCL mins: 7000Off Net mins: 600SMS: 7000Rs. 430 (Load)Dial: *7777#
Weekly Max OfferInternet: 20 GBRs. 350 (Load)Use My Ufone App
SAB SE BARI PLUS OFFERInternet: 40 GBUfone & PTCL mins: 5000Off Net mins: 250SMS: 5000Rs. 399 (Load)Use My Ufone App
SAB SE BARI OFFERInternet: 25 GBUfone & PTCL mins: 5000Off Net mins: 100Rs. 375 (Load)Dial: *7777#
UPOWER INTERNETData: 16GB (including 8GB from 2AM to 2PM)Rs. 275 (Load)Dial: *270#
Weekly Video OfferInternet: 6 GB (YouTube, Tik Tok, SnackVideo)Ufone & PTCL mins: 200SMS: 200Off Net mins: 25Rs. 150 (Load)Dial: *4383#
Weekly Free Fire OfferInternet: 5 GB (1GB Data + 4GB Free Fire)Rs. 60 (Load)Dial: *8080#
Weekly PUBGM OfferInternet: 5 GB (1GB Data + 4GB PUBG)Rs. 60 (Load)Dial: *8080#
Weekly Social OfferInternet: 6GB (Whatsapp, Facebook, Snapchat)Ufone & PTCL mins: 200Off Net mins: 25SMS: 200Rs. 150 (Load)Dial: *6660#
WEEKLY INTERNET PLUSData: 12GBs (including 6GBs from 1AM to 9AM)Rs. 260 (Load)Dial: *260#
SUPER INTERNETData: 1.5 GBRs. 160 (Load)Dial: *220#
YOUTUBE OFFERInternet: 5 GB YouTubeRs. 120 (Load)Dial: *5883#
INTERNET MAX OFFERData: 25 GB (1AM – 9AM)Rs. 120 (Load)Dial: *2570#
UFONE TIKTOK OFFERInternet: 4 GB Tik TokRs. 70 (Load)Dial: *2345#
WEEKLY SNACKVIDEO OFFERInternet: 4 GB SnackVideoRs. 70 (Load)Dial: *265#

Monthly Offers

Package NamePackage DetailsPriceActivation Code
Monthly Heavy InternetData: 30GB (including 15GB from 1AM to 9AM)Rs. 750 (Load)Dial: *310#
SUPER INTERNET PLUSData: 18GB (including 9GB from 1AM to 9AM)Rs. 549 (Load)Dial: *290#
Social Hero OfferData: 12GB (Whatsapp, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Threads)Ufone & PTCL mins: 300Off-Net Minutes: 50SMS: 300Rs. 245 (Load)Dial: *4440#
Social Champion OfferData: 4GB (Whatspp, Facebook, Instagram, Threads)Ufone & PTCL mins: 150SMS: 150Other Network Mins: 20Rs. 130 (Load)Dial: *1818#
SOCIAL MONTHLYData: 1GB (Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter)Rs. 90 (Balance)Dial: *5858#
MONTHLY FACEBOOK OFFERData: 6GB FacebookRs. 120 (Load)Dial: *987#
MONTHLY WHATSAPP OFFERData: 6GB WhatsappRs. 90 (Load)Dial: *987#
Monthly FreeFireInternet: 10 GB FreeFireRs. 100 (Load)Dial: *8080#
Monthly PUBGInternet: 10 GB PUBGRs. 100 (Load)Dial: *8080#

Ufone Call Packages

Ufone voice minutes are generally available alongside internet MBs and SMSs in various comprehensive packages. However, some isolated call packages are also available, offering extensive talk time.

Package NamePackage DetailsValidityPriceActivation Code
Talk-Time OfferUnlimited U2U & PTCL Minutes7 Days (9AM-2PM)Rs. 52.17 (incl. tax)Dial: *6789#
Best Call OfferUnlimited U2U & PTCL Minutes120 MinutesRs. 8.5 (incl. tax)Dial: *343#
Beyhisaab OfferUnlimited U2U & PTCL Minutes1 Calender DayRs. 17 (incl. tax)Dial: *5700#
Best Day Offer500 Mins (U-U & PTCL) + 500 MBs for Facebook1 Calendar DayRs 17 (incl. tax)Dial: *6060#

All in One Packages

All-in-one packages consist of comprehensive plans, offering internet, voice, and SMS services at affordable rates. 

Digital Grand Offer

PriceRs. 1400
Validity30 Day
Internet100 GB
Ufone & PTCL10000 Minutes
Off-Net Minutes1000 Minutes
Activation CodeDial *900#

Super Card Gold

PriceRs. 1199
Validity30 Day
Internet30 GB
Ufone & PTCLUnlimited Minutes
Off-Net Minutes600 Minutes
Activation CodeDial *900#

Super Card 899

PriceRs. 899
Validity30 Day
Internet20 GB
On-Net Minutes6000 minutes
Off-Net Minutes450 minutes
Activation CodeDial: *899#

Super Card Max

PriceRs. 799
Validity30 Day
Internet10 GB
Ufone & PTCLUnlimited*
Off-Net Minutes350 Minutes
Activation CodeDial *629#

SIM Lagao Offer

SIM Lagao Offer is exclusively for the customers who haven’t used their Ufone SIM for the last 30 days. Here are the specifics of this offer:

Internet6 GB*
U2U & PTCL Minutes6000 Minutes

Note: The validity of the SIM Lagao Offer is 60 days. During this period, you will receive 3GB of data for the first 30 days and the remaining 3GB for the next 30 days. The minutes and SMS are divided on a per-day basis, as you will get 100 minutes and 100 SMS every day for 60 days.

Power Hour

PriceRs. 8.2 incl. Tax
Validity1 Hour
Internet60 MB
Ufone & PTCL60 minutes
Activation CodeDial *99#

Asli Chappar Phaar Offer

PriceRs. 140 including taxes
Validity7 Days
Internet1000 MB
Ufone to Ufone100 minutes
Activation CodeDial *5050#

Daily Pakistan Offer

PriceRs. 21 including taxes
Validity1 Day
Internet10 MB
Ufone to PTCL100 minutes
Activation CodeDial *888#

Weekly Pakistan Offer

PriceRs. 122 inclusive tax
Validity7 Day
Internet100 MB
Ufone to PTCL700 minutes
Activation CodeDial *8888#

Monthly Pakistan Offer

PriceRs. 460 including taxes
Validity30 Day
Internet400 MB
Ufone to PTCL4000 minutes
Activation CodeDial *8888#

U Family Offer

PriceRs.1,999 (Load)
Validity30 Days
Internet30 GB
U-U & PTCL Minutes10,000
Off Net Minutes800
Activation CodeDial *5555#