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How To Share Jazz Balance In 2024

  • April 18, 2024

Let’s assume you are stuck in an unwanted situation and want to make a phone call but low on balance. What will you do? Let’s breathe a sigh of relief as Jazz is not going to leave its valuable customers helpless in any situation. With Jazz balance share code, you can now receive balance from any of your friends, family members, or colleagues if you don’t have a single penny in your mobile. Read on to learn more about Jazz balance share code, how to share balance on Jazz, and its terms and conditions. 

How to Share Balance on Jazz?

It is easy as abc to share balance on Jazz. All you need to do is remember *100* code. Apart from that, the detailed procedure is given below;

  • First, open your phone and dial *100*.
  • After that, dial the number to which you want to share balance.
  • Then dial * again. After that, enter the amount you want to share with your friend.  
  • At the end, dial # and press the call button. 
  • You will receive a confirmation message. As soon as you confirm it, the amount will be sent to your friend in a blink of an eye. 

For example

Let’s assume your friend’s number is 03081921327 and you want to share 200 rupees with him. So, you need to start with dialing *100* after that his number which is 03081921327 and then *. After that 200 and then #. The whole number will look like this:

*100*03081921327*200#. As soon as you complete this procedure, press the button you use for making calls. 

How much balance can I share on Jazz?

Well, you can share a minimum of 15 rupees and maximum of 500 rupees to any Jazz number. 

What is the code for balance share on Jazz? 


How much tax will be charged from the sender through Jazz share balance? 

For every transaction, PKR 7.50 (including tax) will be deducted from the sender. For example, if you share 15 rupees with your friend, the deducted amount from your SIM will be 22.50. 

How many transactions can I make through the Jazz balance share program? 

You can make up to 5 transactions through Jazz balance share service in 24 hours . 

How can I request my friend to share balance with me? 

You need to dial *107# to request any of your friends or family members for Jazz balance share service. 

Terms and Conditions for Jazz Balance Share

  • Both the sender and receiver need to be Jazz SIM holders. 
  • Both parties need to be prepaid customers. Jazz balance share service will not work if either of them is a postpaid customer. 
  • No amount will be deducted from the receiver. 
  • In case of any misuse of the service, Jazz will not take any responsibility. 

General Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions are duly approved by PTA and mutually agreed to by the customer at the time of activation of the SIM. 

  • Jazz reserves all the rights regarding setting and changing the price of any offer, package.
  • Simultaneously, Jazz has the autonomy to withdraw, change, or revoke any offer, bundle, or package at any time. However, during such developments, prior notice will be given to the users as regulated by PTA.
  • The charging system allocates a specific portion of the available data volume, measured in megabytes (MBs), from your package for each application or website accessed on the device. Consequently, engaging with multiple applications or websites simultaneously could lead to the full utilization of your available data volume within your package, thereby triggering charging at the base rate of your package.
  • In case of reporting unwanted messages, send the sender’s number to 9000. 
  • Your Jazz SIM needs to be registered against your name, else it is considered a crime. 
  • For blocking any call and sms, send the number to 420 (charges will apply).  
  • To get rid of unwanted marketing communication, text “ON” or “SUB” to 3627. This service is free of cost for Jazz customers. 
  • The applicable taxes on phone calls, recharge, and other bundles are only applied after the approval of PTA. Details are giving below;
  • The advance income tax rate is 15% on every recharge throughout Pakistan. 
  • In the Federal Territory of Islamabad, the sales tax rate is 16%. 
  • Gilgit Baltistan is exempted from taxes. 
  • Azad Jammu and Kashmir and the rest of Pakistan have an implied sales tax rate of 19.5%. 

For any queries, questions, complaints, or complements, please email Jazz at: 

You can also reach Jazz by dialing 111 from any Jazz SIM.