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Jazz’s Monthly Call Package: 1000 Minutes for 75 Rupees

  • April 15, 2024

Introducing the Mahana Offer by Jazz, a leading telecommunications company in Pakistan. This monthly call package has been specifically designed to meet the communication requirements of Jazz users, offering them talk time and internet data, at a budget cost.

Package Details:

Offer NameJazz MinutesFacebook DataValidityPriceSubscription Code
Mahana Offer10001 GB30 DaysRs 75*699*4#

To sign up for this package, users have two options; dial *699# and respond with 4 or directly dial *699*4#. Respond with 1. This will activate the bundle for a duration of 30 days which includes both call and internet services.

The Mahana Offer by Jazz is a choice for individuals who frequently make calls and use Facebook. With 1000 minutes of Jazz to Jazz calls and 1GB of Facebook data users can effortlessly stay connected with their loved ones. Keep up with their social media activities. The best part is that this package remains valid for a month so users don’t have to worry about subscribing

Checking your Package status

To determine the status of your Call Package by Jazz simply dial a code, which will provide you with information regarding your remaining minutes and data. After one month the package will automatically expire without requiring any deactivation steps from you.

*Please note that the details of the package, including price and benefits, may vary. For the up, to date information kindly visit the official Jazz website or reach out to their customer service team.