Write With Us

We welcome you to submit a guest post to our blog! 

Here at pixelbyme, we value your experience and expertise and would love to feature your content on our platform. Before we can accept your submission, however, we ask that you know exactly what your reasons are to write as a guest author!

Why Would You Want To Be a Guest Author?

What’s more important than making your content or website seen by a new audience? How about sharing what you know and love with more people? 

Guest posting has many benefits. It’s an excellent way to enhance your professional network, establish credibility and experience in your field, boost traffic to your website, build links to your site (which in turn boosts search engine rankings), demonstrate you’re an expert in your field of work, increase social media mentions/followers/engagement, get backlinks to help increase search engine optimization for website keywords—the list goes on.

Write With us

Who Is This For?

Beginners, intermediates, and experts can all be guest authors for us. You can write on a variety of topics from digital marketing to networking and from SEO to web development if you’re sure you can give your best thoughts. 

In general, though, we’re looking for anyone who knows how to craft great content and has done so in their area of expertise already. If you think you fit that bill, let us know.

How You Can Become a Guest Author on Our Blog?

To become a guest author, you need to have good writing skills and have something relevant to share with the community. If this is you, then keep reading! We will show you exactly how to write a guest post and make it a success! 

Follow these guidelines as closely as possible to ensure that we publish the best guest posts possible. If you’re ready to create an excellent piece of work, start by reading these tips for writing the perfect guest post.

  • Before writing for us, do some research on what kind of content we’ve shared on our blog. This will ensure that your ideas are in line with our site’s goals and audience. If you have any questions feel free to ask us before getting started. 
  • Your pitch must be specific and targeted. Be sure to do your research and include information about who you are and why you want to write for us. It’s also helpful if you let us know what type of content will be included in your post.
  • Think about topics we might be interested in, and that you could talk about intelligently and with some authority. Do some general research on SEO (search engine optimization) so you know how to structure your submission so it’s likely to attract attention from search engines. 
  • For your guest post to be published, it has to be well-written. No spelling mistakes, punctuation errors, or grammatical blunders. Also, make sure you use proper headings, clear structure, and fluid language.
  • We would like you to write long-form articles of 1000 words or more. If you include any photos with your article, make sure they have a width of 700 pixels at least.
  • Make sure that your content is plagiarism-free and has never been published before. We do not accept more than two backlinks and offer only do-follow backlinks. Also, refrain from keyword spamming.

Follow Up!

We receive a lot of guest post requests so it can take a lot of time before we can give feedback on your submission. Wait for up to 7 days before contacting us for an update. Also note that once we publish your article on our website, it becomes our property and you cannot publish it anywhere else including your website.

Looking forward to receiving some great write-ups from our guest authors!