Loin Predators: What eats loins?

Lion, a wild animal, belongs to the cat species. It is widely found in different habitats including grasslands, savanna, and forests of Africa and India. The body features of a lion include a deep chest, a round head, and a fluffy, hairy tail. Lion is commonly known for its strength and powerful skills of killing other animals. Being a carnivore, it is a predator of other fleshy creatures in the forest. It usually becomes active at night and makes their living in different natural environments. However, the situation in forests does not remain the same. As every predator becomes someone’s prey, there are also lion predators. In the forest biome, some animals eat lions. Some carnivores attack them for their flesh, while others just eat dead lions. Numerous animals kill and eat lions in several conditions.

Lion Predators: Animals that Eat Lion

In most cases, lions remain predators that eat other animals and vice versa are quite rare. However, the nature of competition among creatures is unavoidable. Both food and territory are the common reasons behind the fights among animals. Hence, there are few predators whose prey is a lion. They attack, kill and eat lions. Hyenas, leopards, and wild dogs are the ones who attack and kill lions. Following are the animals the noted animals that are known as lion predators.


Hyenas are one of the common species of large carnivores. They are usually found in the forests of Africa. These scavengers show in spotted and non-spotted shades. Having a large physique and a diagonal back, hyenas are so smart at killing animals. In the case of lions, hyenas are their bitter enemies. Hyenas usually eat dead lions but they also kill cubs. Among the natural competitions in forests, hyenas and lions are fierce enemies. They try to steal one another’s food regularly. Therefore, hyenas have become common predators of lions.


In lion’s predators, leopards are also so prominent. Living in the same habitat, both, lions and leopards strive to get food from the same prey. Both remain in search of flesh. Due to such similar traits, they often become predators of each other. However, leopards usually avoid killing adult lions as they are stronger and have leverage on leopards. But the wilderness of leopards often comes on single lioness and lion cubs. When cubs, for example, are without protection and left alone in the jungle, leopards get an opportunity to make them prey. They roam across the forests to find their prey. When they find a chance to kill a lion, they attack them fiercely.

3-African wild dogs

African wild dog, also known as African hunting dogs is a wild canine, habitat of sub-Saharan Africa. They are small carnivore predators. When wild dogs fight against lions, they remain at loss usually. However, the situation does not remain the same. Wild dogs are too smart; they do not miss an opportunity to kill lions too. Wild dogs often stay aloof from strong male lions and attack lionesses and cubs that are left alone from the group. Similar to other lion predators, the African wild dogs attack lions to kill them and eventually eat lion cubs.


Like lions, crocodiles are on the top of the food chain as there are quite a few animals that kill or eat crocodiles. Crocodiles are amphibians that live on both land and water. However, they spend most of their time in the water. So, they are condition-based predators of lions. They are known as ambush predators. Crocodiles attack them surprisingly when lions drink water from the pond having crocodiles. They become lions’ predators whenever they get a chance to kill them. It is usually noted that they kill lions in the evening when lions get exhausted and walk around the area of shallow waters. The heavy predators of lions wait for the right time to attack lions and make them their prey.


Rhinoceros are among the heaviest animals in the forest and grassland biome. Due to the massive body structure, rhinoceros make them a threat to lions. Sometimes, they also become prey to lions but lions have to be in large quantity to land this heavy animal. Rhino’s horn is an unavoidable threat to a lion. Rhino uses its horn as a weapon when it fights against animals. A sharp hit of a rhino’s horn can hurt a lion severely and sometimes that wound kills them.


Porcupine seems quite small and harmless as compared to other predators. But unsurprisingly, they can kill strong predators like lions, leopards, and hyenas. Their sharp, razor-edged, and intense spikes are its protecting and attacking weapon. Porcupine kills lions by wounding them severely. Such an attack can cause fatal infections in lions. In most cases, porcupine uses spikes as a defense weapon. But when it encounters any predator like a lion it attacks them with thorns. Resultantly, it is counted as a lion’s predator.


A hippopotamus is also a fierce animal having massive weight, a large mouth, and powerful jaws. Its sharply-edged canines are a potential threat to other predators. It can open its muscular jaw at 180 degrees. Though it is an herbivore, it has the strength and capability to kill other animals. In the case of lions, the hippopotamus kills lions when they attack them. While defending themselves, hippopotamuses become aggressive against lions. Their two-meter-long canines can cut the throat of a lion and break its bones.


In the list of animals that eat lions, vultures are worth mentioning. Vultures are not the ones that attack lions or kill them. But they eat the flesh of dead lions that are either killed or died naturally. They remain to seek an opportunity of eating dead lions from the sky. A wide range of vultures comes to have the meat of a lion. The sharp and cone-shaped beak of vultures tears the lion’s flesh apart.

8-African Buffalo

Buffalo has also been recorded killing lions for their safety and security. This heavy-sized animal defends itself when lions attack them. In the lion and buffalo fight, African buffaloes give hard time to a lion. Large strong horns of buffalo are its weapons to protect itself and its calf. Another strengthening factor of buffaloes is that they roam in a herd. Therefore, a herd of adult buffaloes can kill a lion with ease.


There is often news of man-eater lions in different parts of the world. But do humans eat lions? Undoubtedly lion meat is not a regular meal for humans. However, there is a market for lion meat as well.


The lion is the pride of the forest. It remains at the top of the food chain and remains a predator of numerous wild animals. However, some animals become lion predators. Some kill a lion to eat them while others fight them for their safety.