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Jorge Garcia Weight Loss: A Story of Unbridled Resilience

The Jorge Garcia weight loss journey is the one to keep a close eye on. The Nebraska-born actor and comedian is known for is loveable characters and the comedic relief he brings to weighty scenes. He is known for his role as Hugo “Hurley” Reyes in the 2006 series Lost, plus the 2010 series Hawaii Five-O. But that is not only what the Hollywood mainstay is known for. Garcia is known for his corpulent physique and his long-running struggle with weight loss. 

Despite receiving copious criticisms from producers and directors regarding his weight Jorge Garcia has never been deterred from his love of acting. Plus, these criticisms were coming from Hollywood after all – the same industry that once called Jennifer Lawrence overweight. However, Jorge Garcia weight loss journey truly started when the actor’s friends and family started expressing concerns over his weight gain. 

Jorge Garcia Weight Loss in Lost

Every actor has a thing. It can be their good looks, tall stature, hair, eyes, etc. For some actors, it is their height and/or weight. For example, the ever-charming British comedian Stephen Merchant is known for his lanky frame. He tends to incorporate his nature-gifted physical contours in his winsome, awkward, and eccentric characters. Jorge Garcia has done the same thing. The actor’s heavyset physicality has added nuance to his characters which can be quite disarming to his viewers. 

However, when it came to Lost, the series’ storyline required Garcia to lose a couple of pounds since it would only be logical for a character stranded on a deserted island with limited food sources to be lighter and gaunter after a couple of years. This was one of the first, public, Jorge Garcia weight loss attempts. He managed to lose 30 pounds during this time, however that was short-lived since he soon gained it all back. 

It wasn’t until a decade later that the actor got serious about his weight.

The Problem With Obesity

For years doctors have been ringing the alarm against the dangers of morbid obesity. The fact is that obesity is not just a cosmetic disadvantage, instead, it is a full-blown medical disease. The condition has been linked to numerous health problems such as heart conditions, some cancers, liver problems, sleep apnea, diabetes, and high blood pressure, to name a few, 

In fact, it is noted by several medical professionals that obesity can make an individual highly susceptible to viral infections and emerging diseases. The health condition overall shortens an individual’s lifespan which would otherwise not be a problem if their weight was managed through conscious lifestyle changes. 

Jorge Garcia’s friends and family started imploring the actor to consider losing weight after symptoms of possible chronic illnesses started to show up. This pushed the Hollywood comedy staple to go on a Jorge Garcia weight loss journey to make sure he can enjoy everything that life has to offer for a very long time. 

Dietary Changes

Jorge Garcia knew that to keep lose weight and keep it off for years to come he had to follow a plan that was crafted by a professional. Several professional nutritionists and personal trainers aided Jorge Garcia’s weight loss journey to ensure that the actor stayed on track. Garcia immediately set to vacuuming his diet chart, eliminating alcohol, junk food, and sugar completely. 

He started to follow the Nooch diet which relies on deactivated yeast, and vegetables such as broccoli, carrot, and spinach. Moreover, he would include a generous helping of protein in his diet as well such as chicken, turkey, fish, etc. While not much research has been done on the benefits of deactivated yeast, it is fairly known that yeast hydrolysate helps combat obesity. Garcia’s plate often consisted of fibrous vegetables, lean meat, and fruits. 

Workout routine

The Jorge Garcia weight loss journey was championed by an intense daily workout routine. The actor would engage in three-hour-long workouts complete with a strength training course and bursts of cardio. To keep his heart rate up, and his regimen enjoyable Garcia added variety to his workouts through both high and low-intensity exercises. Other than weights, Garcia would engage in physical activities he enjoyed such as cycling, hiking, and some convenient ones, such as running up and down the stairs. 

What can we learn from Jorge Garcia Weight Loss?

Garcia managed to lose up to 100 pounds with this new lifestyle change. In fact, his weight change was so drastic that many believed he opted for gastric bypass surgery. However, the truth is that consistency was the key to the actor’s weight loss. 

You Lost Weight, Now What?

Regardless, the main challenge is not the weight loss. With the right diet and exercise, one can shed weight fairly easily. The main challenge emerges AFTER the weight loss. One of the biggest mistakes we make while losing weight is treating it as a mission. However, that could not be farther from the truth. We succeed in missions, or we fail them, but the fact about missions is that they END. But our weight journey does not end after we lose weight. Our body keeps functioning, which means we will keep seeing fluctuations in our weight as long as we live and breathe! 

It is so important to remember that you are losing weight, but instead becoming healthy. Before you go to your nutritionist’s, before you make that workout plan, before you register with a gym, you need to change your internal narrative. You are not losing weight, you are becoming healthy! Being healthy is something that we need to maintain for the rest of our lives – there is no compromise it is like a survival mechanism. Until you don’t see this physical change as something you need to keep up for your life you will keep going back and forth with your weight.

In the End

Jorge Garcia weight loss story should be inspiring to many. Making our health our number 1 priority is the best gift we can give to ourselves. However, its “success” does not depend on the fibrous vegetables or a new set of kettlebells, instead, it is all about your frame of mind. 

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