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Did Salma Hayek have Breast Augmentation?

Celebrities are always in the limelight and each and every aspect of their personality is under the microscope. A slight change in hairstyle or the preference of clothing doesn’t go unnoticed and can even make it to the headlines on the tabloids.

Salma Hayek is a highly accomplished actress who first made her name in Mexican soaps before achieving great heights of success in Hollywood. The 48-year-old is known for her beauty and is often featured in the top 100 lists of most desirable women.

Movies like Desperado, Once upon a time in Mexico and Frida have provided her with acclaim from fans and critics. Salma has been quite willing to do steamy scenes throughout her career and the fact that she is physically extremely attractive certainly helped her cause in pulling them off with great success.

Her breasts have garnered a lot of attention over the years due to such scenes as well as her general dress choices at the events with plunging cleavages. There was, however, some chatter online a while back that Salma Hayek has had breast augmentation. This is quite possible considering some of her older pictures show a different appearance of the bosom with the recent appearance much fuller and bigger.

Hayek has denied having any plastic surgery and does not feel it to be a good option. Just like men never acknowledge their hair transplants in the movie industry, it is unlikely that one can expect the women to openly acknowledge their breast augmentation procedures. It perhaps reduces the X –Factor they have to offer.

The internet forums did turn into warzones with fans from both side of the fence having arguments over did she or did she not. However, the passionate debates have since gone away with fans happy with her appearance, no matter how it came about.

Whether Salma Hayek has gotten the surgery or she used some other option, her appearance has certainly changed for the better. She looks stunning as ever and even nearing fifty, she maintains her oomph factor. It wouldn’t be surprising if she continues to play damsel in near future.

For women looking to increase the size of their breasts to achieve the same level of hotness like Salma Hayek, breast augmentation surgery is an excellent option. It is a fairly safe procedure which brings excellent results. The recovery time is not too long and the results are of permanent nature.

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