How NLP is a Solution?

  • Tries to understands the context and meaning of the query
  • Brings only related search results and saves much time
  • Delivers personalized results for various languages
  • The most advanced way to serve search queries

NLP for On-Page SEO 

  • Modern-day NLP systems are so intelligent
  • We can study the way they process queries
  • We can improve the way we create content
  • Minor changes can produce promising results 


The safe internal temperature for cooked chicken is 165  Fahrenheit.

12 Major Components of NLP

  • 1. Tokenization
  • 2. Parts of Speech
  • 3. Lemmetization
  • 4. Word Dependency
  • 5. Parse Label 
  • 6. Named Entity Extraction
  • 7. Salience 
  •  8. Sentiment: The expression of entities.
  • 9. Subject Categorization
  • 10. Text Classification & Function
  • 11. Content-Type Extraction: Extracting the type of the content
  • 12. Structure Implied Meaning: Headings, line breaks, lists, etc.

10 Ways to Improve Writing for NLP

  1. Connect Questions to Answers
  2. Identify Units, Classification, and Adjectives
  3. Reduce Dependency Hops (avoid too much interdependency)
  4. Do Not Beat Around the Bush (be precise)
  5. Avoid Unclear Antecedents (simple sentence structure)
  6. Be Correct and Clear 
  7. Boost Your Salience (avoid unnecessary details)
  8. Follow the Query Through (provide relevant details)
  9. Disambiguate Entities (clarify the purpose of entitites)
  10. Use Structure to Convey Meaning (lists, headings, etc.)

5 Ways To Implement All This In Your Content

  1. Update Training Materials and Checklists.
  2. Give Writers Featured Snippets Target to Pursue in Each Article.
  3. Place Significant Emphasis on Readability
  4. Introduce an Additional Stage to Keyword Research and Creative Brief Development.
  5. Create a Short-Term Iterative Process of SEO QA on Articles Before Publication.