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7 Types of Propaganda Techniques Advertisers Use

It is very common for advertisers and influencers to use propaganda techniques to get their desired outcomes from other people. You must have felt being manipulated to buy something that was originally not a part of your shopping list. This is where advertisement propaganda comes to play its role. It is very easy to exploit human beings by using emotional tactics because humans fail to think rationally when they are driven by emotions.

There are many real-life examples of propaganda advertisement if you observe closely. Advertisers use various types of propaganda techniques for their personal gains. In this article, we will describe the seven most common propaganda techniques advertisers use to manipulate your buying decisions.

However, for many readers, propaganda advertisement might be a new term. So, let’s learn about advertising propaganda first.

What is propaganda advertisement?

Propaganda advertisement refers to the way of presenting information in a way that persuades a customer to think, act and feel about a product in a certain way. The main motive of propaganda in an advertisement is to motivate a potential consumer to buy a particular product or service. Almost every person has experienced this.

So, how it is done?

Below we will enlist 7 significant ways of propaganda advertisement that will tell you how advertisers get their desired outcomes by playing with your mind.

Types of Propaganda Techniques

Here, we have given a quick rundown of some major propaganda techniques.

  1. Bandwagon Propaganda
  2. Card Stacking Propaganda
  3. Glittering Generalities Propaganda
  4. Plain Folks Propaganda
  5. Name Calling Propaganda
  6. Testimonial Propaganda
  7. Transfer Propaganda

Bandwagon Propaganda

Ever heard of the phrase “Jumping on the bandwagon” or “follow the herd”? That’s the mentality, this technique aims to exploit.

Trying to fit in is one of the innate desires of human beings. We feel good about ourselves when we become a part of the ongoing trend or the new cool in society. Bandwagon propaganda is all about exploiting this human nature for personal gains. It works by forcing the target audience to take any action if they do not want to feel left out.

For example, Dunkin Donuts has this tagline, “America Runs on Dunkin.” By reading this line, you will feel the urge to try them even if you don’t like donuts. You will buy them to join the crowd and see what’s so special in these donuts that all of the Americans are eating them.

Card Stacking Propaganda

It is the most common type of propaganda technique used by advertisers. They deliberately omit certain details about the product and present all the positive facts before the audience to fool them. You would have seen companies speaking high of their products and making them appear better than they actually are. Advertisers will not mention the details that can negatively influence their product like any hidden charges and will try to trap you will all the plus points.

For example, Burger King claims to offers fries with 30% fewer calories and 40% less fat but they will not tell you that fried food is still bad for your health.

Glittering Generalities Propaganda

In this type of technique, advertisers use emotional appeal and vague statements to lure you. As the name indicates, glittering generalities propaganda involves using fancy and glittery words to describe a service or product that results in a positive response from the customer. Brands and advertising agencies use such attractive slogans that customers do not challenge their authenticity. You will find words like ultra, best, powerful, brand new and finger-licking etc.

For example, KFC uses the slogan “It’s finger-lickin’ good” and McDonalds describes its iced mocha as creamy, dreamy, icy and chocolaty. All these fancy words can easily tempt a customer to buy a product.

Plain Folks Propaganda

Plain Folks Propaganda is an effective technique that you would come across nowadays. General public prefers real experiences which is why brands are now using common people to promote their products. The idea behind this strategy is to show how a certain product is useful for everybody and can add value to their lives. The audience has now become very skeptical about the paid endorsements done by celebrities. Therefore, advertisers employ plain folks propaganda to convince buyers.

For example, Subway is a famous eatery that has used plain folks propaganda technique to promote its sandwiches. In one of its ads, Jared Fogle (a common man) has been conveying a message that subway sandwiches have helped him in losing weight. It convinces the regular public to buy subway sandwiches thinking that if he can do it, they can too.

Name Calling Propaganda

Name Calling propaganda is the opposite of glittering generalities propaganda. It involves calling out other brands by passing derogatory remarks about them. Advertisers will create a negative image or opinion about a certain product or brand to promote their product. Like an organic food company will criticize fast-food chains to promote their products.

For example, you might have seen famous brands like Coke taking a jibe at Pepsi or Burger King ridiculing McDonald’s Big Mac.

Testimonial Propaganda

It is a very commonly used propaganda technique in which advertisers hire renowned personalities to endorse their products. When a celebrity vouches for a product, the audience is more likely to buy it because they consider the popularity and credibility of that celeb. Brands cash that trust, people have on superstars to promote their products. Also, it boosts the reputation of a brand. In addition to superstars, advertisers use doctors, engineers, athletes and other field specialists for testimonials.

For example, Revlon has used Halle Berry to endorse their cosmetic products and Pop Chips made Katy Perry their new face. Also, you might have seen Taylor Swift endorsing Coke.

Transfer Propaganda

It is a bit confusing technique to understand. In transfer propaganda, advertisers relate the good and bad feelings you have for a certain thing or idea with their product. For this purpose, they can use different symbols, songs or ideas.

For example, a few years ago Coca Cola made an advertisement where a soldier was shown holding the drink with a statement, “Militant men drink Coca Cola.” Now the audience will automatically develop a love for Coca Cola because it has been related to soldiers and army. This is how feelings of patriotism are transferred to the soft drink.

Mentioned above are the seven major types of propaganda technique, advertisers use to promote their products and boost their sales. We hope now you have a clear understanding of all the marketing practices and tactics used by marketers to manipulate you. Therefore, be careful and shop wisely!

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How to install chrome extensions on android phones?

Did you ever try installing your favorite chrome extension on your mobile phone, and it did not work? Don’t worry! In this article, we have discussed some workarounds that will help you to install chrome extensions on your phone. 

Unfortunately, the chrome version for Android does not allow extensions to the phone. So we need to find a browser that supports the chrome extension. Luckily Kiwi and Yandex browsers will enable you to install chrome extensions.

How to Add Chrome extensions on Android using Kiwi Browser?

Kiwi is a lightweight browsing application that allows installing chrome extensions. Here are the steps to install the chrome extension to the kiwi browser.

  • Open the Play Store on your mobile phone, search Kiwi Browser, and install the latest version.
  • After installing, open the application. Now tap three dots on the right side and select the extension.
  • Make sure Developer Mode is on, and click on the +(from store) link to open the chrome extensions store and install the extension of your choice. 
  • To manage extension, tap on vertical dots again and click on the Extension menu. It will open a page with all installed extensions, where you can enable/disable or remove an extension.

How to Add Chrome extensions on Android using Yandex Browser?

Yandex is another browser that lets you add chrome extensions. Following are the simple steps to install and manage extensions in the Yandex browser.

  • Open Play Store and search Yandex browser and install the latest version.
  • After installing, open the Yandex browser and select the extension catalog.
  • You will see the tune button on the catalog page at the bottom of the screen. Click that button, and a search box will appear. Now you can search extension of your choice.

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Deleting Miscellaneous Files on Your Android Phone – Miscellaneous Files Cleaner

Deleting Miscellaneous

Whether you’re aware of it or not, a lot of data is being generated on your mobile device. On a normal phone, there are cache files for apps and browsers, which you may have to manually clear out. But there are plenty of other files that can fill up your storage space without you knowing about them. To keep your phone running smoothly you need to know how to manage what’s stored on your phone and how much storage space each app uses up.

These miscellaneous files are created over time, and every time you open an app, they are added to this particular section of your phone’s internal storage. The secret to managing your smartphone’s internal storage space, as well as the memory card, lies in deleting all those files which you don’t need anymore.

You can either opt to delete miscellaneous files one by one manually or use third-party miscellaneous files cleaner apps to do so.

But, what do miscellaneous files mean? Let us explain further! 

What are Miscellaneous Files on My Phone? 

To clear up some confusion, the miscellaneous file is a broad term that refers to any app-related data left behind by apps you’ve removed from your phone. Miscellaneous files can be large or small in size. These are temporary files used by the apps you have installed on your phone, and they are created automatically when you use those apps.

How to Know If You Have Them?

To check for miscellaneous files on your device, go to:

 Settings > General > Storage. Here you’ll see a list of files and their respective sizes. Now you can decide what files you want to remove from your phone.

When Do I Need to Clear These Files?

When you’re experiencing issues with performance and storage space is filling up, clearing cache and memory is a good step. Doing so will increase free space and help ensure the optimal performance of system operations. However, you should always back up all of your phone’s data before doing so. 

After performing a cache and memory clear, we recommend rebooting your device for the best result. This process might take some time depending on how much data you have stored, but once it’s finished, your device will perform at its optimum level again. So get cleaning!

Is it OK to Delete Miscellaneous Files?

There’s nothing inherently wrong with removing these types of files, but we do encourage you to think twice about deleting them. Each of these files serves a purpose and while they may not be necessary for daily use, it is often difficult (or impossible) to get them back once you delete them. We always recommend thinking twice before getting rid of any file or folder.

Can I Delete Miscellaneous Files on Galaxy S5?
Samsung mobile phones have a lot of features to support your daily life, such as the Internet, camera, music, video, and so on. However, all these files consume the storage space on your mobile phone and if you want to save more memory space on your Samsung mobile phone, you should delete some unnecessary files from your Samsung mobile phone. 

Samsung Galaxy S5 has 16GB of internal memory, out of which users get only 12GB to store apps and data. So you’ll need to clear up some space by deleting the miscellaneous files that you are not using. 

Let us go ahead and find out how to delete these files!

Deleting Miscellaneous Files on Galaxy S5
If we are not vigilant, we can have our phone storage fill up in no time. Less storage means that our phone will not work efficiently so we need to keep our phone clear of any redundant files that we no longer use.

Here are two ways to get rid of miscellaneous files on Galaxy S5 smartphone and make it run smoothly again. It also answers your question: what miscellaneous files can I delete on my phone!

  1. Deleting miscellaneous files in ‘My Files’

‘Select My Files’ is one of your phone’s stock file managers. It’s pretty easy to use, too. Follow these steps:

  • Just go into Settings
  • Then open Application Manager 
  • Find Device Storage under ALL APPLICATIONS. 
  • From there, choose Select My Files and then hit Clear Data
  1. Deleting miscellaneous files in ‘Downloads’

To view and delete any downloaded files, go to Apps and click Downloads. The files you haven’t deleted will be located at Downloads. To delete a file, click it and tap Delete. This will prevent it from eating up storage space on your phone.

Third-Party Miscellaneous Files Cleaner Apps

You can just go and search for file managing apps from Play Store to get rid of junk files on your phone. Here we are sharing three file cleaner apps that are from reliable developers. These are easy to use and also compatible with almost every android phone.

  1. ‘Files by Google’ from Google of course!
  2. ‘CCleaner’ from Piriform Tools
  3. ‘AVG Cleaner’ from AVG

Final Thoughts

Miscellaneous files are mostly useless files left over from your Android device’s system. They occupy your precious storage space and slow down your smartphone or tablet’s performance significantly. You must clear out these files regularly.

We hope that in this article we have effectively explained miscellaneous files and how to delete miscellaneous files on Samsung. Furthermore, you can also use the valuable information about miscellaneous files cleaner apps to make your task easier.

Keeping your phone in an impeccable position is your responsibility if you want to use it to its full potential!

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Solving the Annoying Issue When Spotify Can’t Play Current Song

As an avid Spotify user, I frequently find myself in the midst of listening to my favorite song when suddenly… silence! 

Spotify can’t play current song is an issue that is very real. A quick Google search reveals that I’m not alone in having this problem. Fortunately, with the right fixes and tips, it’s possible to resolve this issue and listen to all of your favorite music uninterrupted! 

What is going wrong?

Users have been reporting that they’re getting a pop-up box from Spotify saying “Spotify can’t play [song name] right now”. This error is reported when you click on a song and nothing happens, or when a song won’t play at all once it starts streaming. It seems to happen most often when using Spotify on an Android device. 

Why does this happen?

Many users have encountered problems while using Spotify, and one of these common issues is that you can’t play any song. There are a few reasons why you may be receiving this error: 

  • You might not have an internet connection
  • Your hard drive might be full 
  • Your device’s memory could be full

If you want to fix these issues and start playing songs again, keep on reading!

Some quick fixes when Spotify can’t play current song

All music lovers wish to listen to their favorite tracks, and it is very annoying when your song suddenly stops playing. 

And it’s not just that one song! You can’t play any song at all, or you can only play some of the songs you want to listen to. This is why many people face the current song error on Spotify and try to fix it on their own, but with no success. 

If this problem has never happened to you yet, check out our instructions below and learn how to fix Spotify’s current song error.

Here are some ideas on how to fix it when Spotify can’t play the current song.

  1. Check phone settings

Double-check that your smartphone isn’t set to silent or vibrate. If you use your computer for music, check that it’s not muted. If these are both off, make sure you’re logged into your Spotify account on both devices (desktop and mobile).

  1. Try re-signing in on Spotify

Many a time signing out and back in on Spotify helps solve minor issues. While we’re here, be wary of Spotify’s Connect feature, which allows people nearby to see what you’re listening to and add songs directly from their own playlists. If you don’t want anyone eavesdropping on your tunes through open Wi-Fi spots like cafes or bars, disable this before taking your phone out.

  1. Restart your device

Sometimes a simple solution of restarting your device can do wonders!

Try this tip and see if Spotify starts working again or not. If you still get the same error that the Spotify app can’t play current song then try the following steps.

  1. Check your network connection

If you’re running into trouble listening to a song, it might be an issue with your network connection. . A sudden change of connectivity can also cause interruptions, so try turning Wi-Fi off and then back on again. Once you do that, try listening to another song and see if things go smoothly. If they don’t—and you know what you did wrong—try repeating your last step. This method should work when you’re trying to listen on any of your devices, whether you’re using Spotify on desktop or mobile.

If your internet connection is working properly, then resetting your network settings could solve your problem.

  1. Use Spotify on a different network or device

When you have checked your internet connection and it is working then you can try playing Spotify on another device to double-check if there aren’t any issues with your device that was in use. If Spotify works properly on a different device then there is a chance that your first device is having some issues.

  1. Clear Spotify cache

If you still can’t play the current song Spotify, then you can try another solution that might help solve your problem.
Spotify stores temporary files or caches so that songs can be played quickly without delay. These temporary files can cause problems while playing songs. Clear all the offline cache files and see if that helps solve the issue. To do so, get Spotify cache location from Advanced Spotify settings. Then open File Explorer to get to that desired location. Delete all cache data in the folder and restart Spotify. Play your desired song to check if the problem is solved or not.

Final words

When you face ‘can’t play current song Spotify, keep your calm!

Before you jump to conclusions, make sure your app is up-to-date. A simple software update might be all you need. If it’s not, check for service issues with your mobile provider or internet service provider.  Unfortunately, a lot of times if Spotify isn’t working right now on your phone, there’s nothing you can do but wait. 

We hope that one of the above-mentioned steps will solve this Spotify can’t play current song error for you.

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