Learn How To Install Godaddy SSL for Free

All of the information of the internet is basically transferred from one location to another location and a language called HTTP which stands for hypertext transfer protocol now HTTP by itself is unprotected and susceptible internet tricksters and thieves. So a technology called SSL Secure Sockets Layer was developed to protect the information traveling on the internet. When HTTP is being protected by SSL it inherits the letter S which means it’s secure. SSL keeps your information secure in following ways:

The first is by encrypting your data let’s say that you want a coffee shop using WiFi and you’re hit with an urge to by something online without SSL and HTTPS when you enter your credit card information this information can be stolen because you’re on a public WiFi connection and anybody using that WiFi could be listening to your transaction.

Without encryption, the information is transmitted as text that anyone can read the way SSL and HTTPS works is by scrambling this information so that the only people who can read it are those with the correct decryption key and not those DBS cyber ninjas.

The second way that SSL and HTTPS keeps you safe is by identification you are probably aware that they’re sites that fish for your information that’s when you get an email that asks you to click here to go to your bank account and when you click the link it takes you to a site that looks exactly like your bank but it’s not your bank it’s a fake as a few words is very important to know if a website actually is what it says it is, an SSL gives us this tool.

Let’s say you accidentally followed one of these fishing links and it takes you to amazon.com you decided that you’re finally going to buy that map of Westeros pillow that you have been eyeing for a couple of days now. You navigate to a page where you enter your personal info at this point you’re browser will want to protect you so it’s going to try to encrypt this information it will ask amazon.com for something called a certificate
A certificate is simply a way of validating that a site really is what it says it is.

A legitimate company website would send their company info to a registered certification authority
where the info will be verified and the certificate that’s signed by the certificate authorities will be created and stored, so a browser will check the certificate this given by Amazon with all the certificate at all the different certificate authorities to see if one matches.

if the certificate doesn’t match any signed certificates or if the certificate is expired or if a certificate is issued by an unknown authority an alert will pop up in your browser informing you what is wrong with the site certificate and cautioning you against submitting your information that’s how HTTPS and SSL work together to keep you safe. Encryption and identification education are two very important security features for any website.

We have made video for you so that you can easy install Godaddy SSL for Free.