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Best Syrian Shawarma Points in Islamabad

Although it is originally a Turkish/Arabic dish, shawarma has made its way into the list of globally recognized modern treats, thanks to its versatility and a combination of exploding flavors it comes with. The main ingredient of this delightful dish is meat, which is in the form of roasted shavings from thin cuts of seasoned marinated mutton, lamb, beef, chicken, or turkey. These shavings, along with sauces, cucumber, onion, and other ingredients, are wrapped inside a flatbread such as a pita.

Like most other well-known treats, shawarma comes in different versions, each of which is differentiable based on where it is being prepared. For instance, shawarma prepared in the Middle East is served with garlic sauce, pickles, and fries. The Syrian shawarma adds extra flavor to the package by using different garlic sauces for chicken and beef. For that reason, Syrian shawarma is more famous in many parts of the world, including Pakistan. More specifically, this blog post covers the food spots in Islamabad where you can find the most authentic Syrian shawarmas.

Syrian Shawarma

What does it take to prepare the best shawarma? Most people would say it’s the right balance between all the ingredients. And we are not here to disagree because the Syrian Shawarma in F-10 Markaz is where you will get the real-time demonstration of it. The owner of this shawarma joint, Abu Amir, is a Syrian refugee who started this outlet with the name “Syrian Taste.”

Like any startup, Syrian Taste struggled to get much recognition in the hustling area of F-10 in the beginning. But they surely had the ingredient that could lead them to success: authenticity and uniqueness. This shawarma joint served less than 100 people a day in its early days. But now, Abu Amir has to deal with an influx of over 450 people in a few hours.

What makes Syrian Shawarma so special is that its shawarmas exude their original flavor even with the addition of overpowering Pakistani spices. This is because of a set meat marinating protocol the staff at the Syrian Shawarma adheres to. According to Abu Amir, he and his cooking staff do not load meat onto the skewer before marinating it for 24 hours. They also ensure the best quality of every ingredient, from meat to dough to spices to sauces.

Syrian Shawarma is located behind D Watson, next to Service shoes, F-10 Markaz, Islamabad. Their timings are 1 PM to 2 AM. Their most popular treats are:

  • Beef shawarma, available at Rs. 720/-
  • Chicken shawarma, available at Rs. 390/-
  • Chicken shish taouk, available at Rs. 390/-

The Syrian Shawarma Guys

Not only is the good quality of bread important in shawarma, but the way this bread is kneaded also has a huge say. The Syrian Shawarma Guys seem to have mastered this skill quite perfectly. However, this is not to say that their filling is not up to the mark. They pay good attention to every ingredient to bring the authentic Syrian taste to their shawarmas while making sure that the Pakistani taste buds are also well-served. According to most customers, it is hard to stop eating even if you have quashed your hunger.

The Shawarma Guys have made themselves more available as they offer food delivery to your home if you live in Islamabad.

The address of this outlet is Shop No. 5, Parking lot 12D Bhittai Rd, Islamabad. Their timings are 12 PM to 1 AM.

The most popular treats by The Shawarma Guys are:

  • Syrian Shawarma Sarookh, available at 450/-
  • Shish Taouk Shawarma, available at 450/-
  • Shish Loaded Fries, available at 450/-

Arz Lebanon Restaurant

This restaurant offers a combination of Lebanese and Syrian foods and is yet another place to get authentic Syrian shawarma. Their food menu also includes appetizers, salads, soups, and a lot of different main course items.

The beef and chicken shawarmas offered at this outlet give out the authentic Syrian taste, thanks to their meat marinating process and the inclusion of sauces.

What makes Arz Lebanon Restaurant more special is its ambiance and unique Arabian vibe. All of this makes this place a must-try-out.

The Arz Lebanon Restaurant is located in the Jinnah Super Market, College Rd, Islamabad. Their timings are 10 AM to 1 AM. The top items in their menu are:

Meat shawarma, available at Rs. 600/-

Chicken Shawarma, available at Rs. 500/-

Wrapping Up

These are among the best places to get authentic Syrian shawarma in Islamabad. If you love the Arabian taste and haven’t tried out shawarma from any of these places, we suggest you do it now.

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