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Best Baby Feeder Brands in Pakistan

So, you have been through pregnancy and are now blessed with a baby. Without a doubt, being a parent brings great joy and happiness. But with great blessing comes great responsibility, and keeping your little one well-fed is at the top of the list.

Breastfeeding is the primary choice of most mothers around the world, as it provides an infant with every nutrient they need for optimum organ development and to stay healthy. But for some reason, many mums purchase formula milk to supply their babies with appropriate sustenance. Even if you have no problem with breastfeeding, you may still want to step away from nursing directly and store your breast milk for baby feeding later some time.

That makes a baby feeder or baby bottle every mother’s basic need. But which baby bottle should you choose? With so many brands out there, it might become overwhelming to choose the feeder bottle that meets your needs and those of your baby.

In this blog post, you will find some helpful information regarding baby feeder brands in Pakistan. The purpose is to help you make an informed decision when choosing a feeding bottle for your little one.

Top Baby Feeder Brands in Pakistan

With so many baby feeder brands in Pakistan, it can be challenging to choose the most suitable one for your baby. This section explains the top baby feeder brands in Pakistan known for their build quality and reliability. We will discuss the main features, including pricing, of these brands to help you make an informed decision at the time of purchase.

Let’s start with our list of the best baby feeder brands in Pakistan.

1- Phillips Avent Baby Feeders

Phillips Avent offers a wide range of premium-quality baby feeders to meet the feeding needs of all infants. These feeding bottles are known for their particular nipple shape with a specialized anti-colic Airflow valve that prevents your baby from swallowing air. The natural and ergonomic shape of these nipples imitates the breastfeeding feel, making these bottles a perfect substitute for nursing. Over and above all this, the nipples come with various flow adjustment options to meet the feeding requirements of your growing baby.

The prices of Phillips Avent Baby Bottles can roughly range between Rs.1800 and Rs.12, 000.

P.S: The prices of these bottles are subject to change based on the currency’s foreign exchange rate.

2- Dr. Brown’s feeder

Dr. Brown’s feeders are recommended by pediatricians and preferred by parents around the globe for several years. These feeders come with a specialized vent system that helps reduce colic, keeping your baby safe from digestive issues typically caused by ingesting air. Every Dr. Brown’s feeder’s nipple is designed to ensure a consistent, natural flow to allow your baby to latch comfortably. And to ensure safety, these feeder bottles are manufactured BPA-free.

The prices of Dr. Brown’s feeders may range between Rs.2000 and Rs.8000.

P.S: Costs of these feeders may change based on the currency exchange rate.

3- Tommee Tippee Feeder

Baby feeders and bottles by Tommee Tippee come with unique designs and teat-resembling nipples that make your baby feel like they are breastfeeding. The ergonomic design of these bottles makes them easy to hold on to, not only for moms and dads but also for babies. The ergonomy is further augmented by high-quality, soft material used in the bottle construction.

Here are the top features of Tommee Tippee feeder bottles:

  • Breast-like nipples create a breastfeeding feel
  • A venting valve featured in the nipple to prevent the baby from ingesting air when feeding
  • Several other nipple varieties available to meet the requirements of babies of different ages

The prices of Tommee Tippee baby feeders and bottles usually range between Rs.3000 and Rs.5000.

P.S: Feeder prices may fluctuate due to changing currency exchange rates.

4- Pigeon feeder

With an extensive range of bottles and teats, Pigeon baby feeders are the ultimate way to feed your baby breastmilk or formula. Pigeon is a renowned baby feeder brand with a decades-old history of manufacturing high-quality, toxin-free baby bottles. Due to their sustained quality standards over the years, Pigeon Feeders has become a trustable name among pediatricians, nurses, and families.

Pigeon baby feeders come in standard and premium categories. The features of premium feeders include;

  • Comfortable gripping due to their ergonomic design
  • Special teat-like nipples that give your baby the feel of breastfeeding
  • An air vent in the nipple to keep the feeder bottle anti-colic

Pigeon baby bottles and feeders are available in a wide variety. The prices of these bottles fall between less than Rs.1000 and Rs.7000.

P.S: The prices are subject to change based on the currency exchange range rate at the time of purchase.

5- Minitree Feeders

While not as premium as the ones explained above, Minitree baby feeders provide high value at an affordable price. Featuring a flexible silicone nipple that conforms to the baby’s mouth movements at the time of feeding, these feeders induce a breastfeeding sensation. And like other top-rated baby bottles available in Pakistan, Minitree feeders have an anti-colic valve in the nipple to prevent air ingestion.

Minitree baby feeders are affordable, with their prices ranging between Rs.300 and Rs.550.

P.S: Prices of Minitree feeders and bottles may change with the currency exchange rate and other factors influencing the cost of living.

6- Shield feeder

Shield® is a well-known brand in every household in Pakistan. Their feeders and baby bottles have been used to feed babies for decades. Made with BPA-free materials, Shield feeders are designed for optimal grip for moms and babies alike. Available with silicone nipples as well as hard plastic tips with single and multiple pores, these baby bottles allow for convenient baby feeding.

Shield® offers a wide variety of affordable baby feeders with their prices ranging between under Rs.100 and Rs.1000.

P.S: The prices of Shield® feeders and bottles may change from time to time, primarily depending on the cost of living.

7- Chicco feeder

Chicco is a famous Italian brand known for producing high-quality baby products, including baby feeders and bottles. Founded in the year 1958, Chicco has earned its reputation for being a top-rated brand. The reason for their success is their extensive R&D that focuses on children aged between 0 and 3 years. They use these details to address children’s physical, emotional, and hygienic needs.

Chicco baby feeders are top-quality bottles to feed infants and older children. And the best part is that these do not cost much in Pakistan. Their quality comes from the BPA-free material used in the making, flexible silicone nipples with air vents, and ergonomic designs.

Chicco feeders are cost-effective, as most of these baby bottles cost less than Rs.1000.

P.S: Prices of these feeders are subject to change with currency exchange rate fluctuations.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Baby Feeding Bottle

When choosing a baby feeder, it is vital to consider several factors to ensure that you buy the most suitable product for your little one. Here is a brief overview of some of those factors.

Baby’s age

Your baby’s preferences for the milk flow, nipple shape, and bottle design may change as they grow. Therefore, it is advisable to try different bottle shapes with nipple variations to pick the most suitable feeding bottle. For instance, 0-3 month-old babies do not need bottles with more than 150ml capacity, whereas older babies may need up to 330ml feeders.

Baby Development

While you will most likely find a standard feeding bottle for a normally growing baby, special attention must be paid when buying a feeder for a baby in an unusual developmental phase, e.g., a premature baby. Bottles for such babies come with particular ergonomics and feature special nipples with a reduced flow. Moreover, orthodontic nipples are available for babies who have started having teeth.

Bottle Material

While plastic baby bottles remain a prevalent feeding option for babies due to lower costs and better ergonomics, glass bottles are also being sold. This is because glass is generally thought to be a greener alternative to plastic, which is true in most cases. However, companies have been doing well to manufacture BPA-free, non-hazardous plastic baby bottles lately.

Still, you want to ensure that the plastic bottle you purchase for your baby meets all safety standards.

Nipple Material

Nipples of feeding bottles are usually made of silicone or latex.

Latex nipples are softer than other types and, hence, facilitate the baby in a better way. However, these nipples are not quite durable. Moreover, latex can release nitrosamines, carcinogens that put your baby’s health at risk.

Silicone nipples are a safer alternative to latex nipples as they are usually made of medical-grade silicone. They may be firmer than latex but last much longer due to their durability. On top of that, silicone nipples are generally free of toxins.

Nipple Shape

Nipples are generally divided into traditional, wide, and orthodontic nipples.

  • Traditional nipples are long and narrow nipples, the ones we all are familiar with.
  • Wide nipples have a shorter height but wider, resembling the shape of a teat. These nipples are best when transiting a baby from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding.
  • Orthodontic nipples are designed to support the palate and gums, particularly when teeth start erupting.

Wrapping Up

Choosing a baby feeder is an important decision due to its impact on the baby’s health and development. Therefore, you want to make sure that you choose a brand that meets all your baby’s requirements.

With so many baby bottles from various brands available in Pakistan, it can be overwhelming to choose a bottle that keeps your baby comfortable when being fed. Therefore, we have tried to explain salient features of the top brands in the country to help you ensure comfortable and stress-free baby feeding.

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