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How to Stylishly Wear Cross Earrings for Men?

For many men, the idea of wearing earrings, to look fashionable can seem strange or uncomfortable at first glance. However, if you’re a man looking to accessorize your wardrobe with a piece of jewelry that has meaning and that sets you apart from the crowd, then earrings are one option that many men choose to take advantage of.

A lot of men can be seen wearing earrings these days, but it hasn’t always been the case. It was mostly women who wore earrings however things have started to change. Now men are also incorporating earrings into their everyday fashion choices.

In recent years cross earrings men have become very popular and are considered as a style statement.

What Are Cross Earrings?

They’re exactly what they sound like, crosses that hang from your ears!

The cross symbol is typically associated with Christianity. Also, it’s likely you know someone who wears a regular cross pendant on a necklace. But not all men like wearing traditional crosses on their chests, they prefer something more subtle and understated. That’s where cross earrings come in. For some men, they may even be more of a style statement than a religious statement. 

Who Can Wear Them?

The first question you may be asking yourself is who can wear cross earrings? 

The answer is that anybody can wear them!  

Celebrities like David Beckham and Will Smith have been seen sporting these dangly earrings for quite some time now. Another thing you should know about men cross earrings is that they go well with many attires including formal and business. These accessories are perfect for casual outings as well, especially when worn with a button-down shirt and jeans.

When Do Men Wear Them?

If you’re not Catholic, it might be difficult to understand why anyone would wear cross earrings. However, people of all religions wear them. Additionally, some men wear cross earrings for fashion reasons. Regardless of what reason you have for wanting to wear them, though, there are guidelines on how men should wear them.

Cross Earrings for Men – Style Tips

While women’s cross earrings have been a fashion staple for years, it’s only recently that men have discovered just how chic they can be. For men, wearing cross earrings is a great way to add a little diversity and flashiness to everyday attire. 

Stylish cross earrings can add some serious flair to any outfit. However, they’re not always easy to find something that matches your style. Broadly speaking, there are two categories of earrings and you can choose whatever suits your style.

  1. Bold

Stylish men don’t shy away from bold cross earrings, often wearing them in a variety of styles to fit their everyday outfits. Don’t be afraid if you are choosing big, bold, and noticeable pieces for your ears. Wear with confidence and you will rock them!

However, with so many options available, it can be hard to figure out which type works best with your outfit or style. By taking into account both your style and how you want to wear your cross earring, you can find an option that works well for any occasion.

  1. Minimalist

Cross earrings in classic style with a minimalistic look are great everyday choices. It can be tricky to find simple and minimal cross earrings for guys, but thankfully there are plenty of styles available. You can get them made out of just about anything—from diamonds to silver to blue sapphires! The variety is pretty much endless. If you’re looking for something understated, but not boring, black cross earrings men are an excellent choice.

Best Cross Earrings Types that Men Will Rock

The classic cross earring is a staple in men’s fashion, and while some prefer to wear them on their earlobes, others like to wear them on their cartilage. Here are different ways you can wear your cross earrings stylishly.

Crosses come in all shapes and sizes, and they can be made from countless different materials.  Here are some stylish and modern examples that will work just as well with your favorite suit as they will with your casual wear.

  1. Studs

For men who want to opt for a smaller earring, studs are a good choice. They’re also suitable for beginners as you won’t even notice you are wearing some earrings! 

You can easily find stud earrings in silver or gold, as well as in other metals and sometimes even plastic or glass. Because of small size, they tend to be lighter and easier on sensitive skin than most other types of earring.

Because they come in so many different varieties, studs are also appropriate casual wear options.

  1. Hoops

Hoops are a versatile option that works well with all kinds of outfits and can easily be dressed up or down. They’re small, discrete, and add just enough detail to your outfit without overwhelming it. Hoops are generally quite affordable, making them a great choice if you’re looking to update your jewelry collection on a budget. If you’re only going to choose one pair of earrings, hoops should be at the top of your list.

  1. Drop Earrings

Drop cross earrings are a great accessory for a stylish man. They are easy to put on, and they’re subtle enough that they won’t disrupt your look or give away that you’re looking to express your faith.

They work well with both professional and casual attire, so they’re a great addition to your jewelry collection if you aren’t sure how to dress on any given day.

  1. Dangle Earrings

One style of earring that has been a favorite of men and women alike is dangle earrings. 

Since they’re usually not too big, dangling or hanging cross earrings for men are an easy way to add a bit of color and interest to your look. Plus, men with multiple piercings can easily wear these. Here are just a few ways to wear dangling earrings: in both ears, in one ear, or only one earring hole.

Cross Earrings Men – Final words

Cross earrings are an ancient form of jewelry that has been worn by men and women all over the world. With cross earrings becoming more popular with men, there are now many styles available for men. 

You can use different styles of cross earrings to create unique style statements so we hope that this article helps you in wearing your cross earring set with maximum style!

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What to Consider When Choosing Formula Milk for Premature Babies

So, you have given birth to a preemie and now heading back home. The first thing on your mind would be to get the best preemie formula for your baby so that he may grow at a rate close to that in the womb. And without sugar-coating anything, walking down a superstore’s aisle and choosing formula milk made to meet your preemie’s nutritional needs might become the toughest task at hand at that moment.

Premature birth, as evident in the name, refers to childbirth before the estimated due date. A baby born three weeks or more before completing nine months is called a preemie. Such babies are often predisposed to several short- and long-term complications. This is because they usually have an underdeveloped immune system and, therefore, need a longer hospital stay than full-term babies.

So without a doubt, it is imperative to catch up with the baby’s nutritional requirements to keep them from harm’s way. Formula milk for preemies comes with all nutrients and ingredients that your baby would get in the womb. But choosing the suitable milk formula can be challenging because nutritional requirements vary from baby to baby.

In this article, we will describe some rules and protocols that must be kept in mind when buying formula milk for premature babies.

Nutritional Requirements for Premature Babies

Premature babies are born with nutritional deficiencies that must be addressed to help them grow optimally. Although medical experts in a hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) will take care of your preemie until you leave the hospital, it is essential to continue providing your baby with specialized nutritional support after you get back home.

  • Some babies may require proteins, iron, calories, vitamins, and calcium in additional amounts. Therefore, a supplement called human milk fortifier may be added to their feedings. This supplement comes with the said nutrients along with vitamins A, C, and D and folic acid.
  • Preemies who are breastfed may still need supplements. Based on your baby’s nutritional needs, you can give them multiple servings of iron and vitamin D supplements along with fortified breast milk. This diet is particularly for babies who do not get sufficiently nursed for any reason.
  • As a rule of thumb, a baby should get enough nutrition supply to wet 6-8 diapers every day. When changing diapers, watch out for bloody or watery stools, as they can indicate a problem.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Formula Milk for Premature Babies

Preemie formulas come with nutrients that are vital for the baby’s growth and development, such as vitamins, proteins, and minerals. However, the type of formula and your feeding plan significantly depend on your baby’s particular dietary needs. You must also look out for the allergic reaction a baby formula product might trigger.

Moreover, you may need to change the baby’s formula after some time. This requirement generally occurs due to the baby’s changing nutritional needs as they grow. In some cases, you may notice that your baby prefers some other product over the current one. However, it is always crucial to speak to your doctor before switching the formula.

When choosing a baby formula, be sure to check whether it meets nutritional safety requirements. The best way to ensure this is to buy from well-known and well-reputed brands. And it goes without saying that you must always check the expiration date on the package.

Types of Formula Milk for Premature Babies

With some research about different products, you may realize that ‘standard’ preemie formulas are not that standard after all. This is because every baby formula comes with a different nutritional composition and is suitable for only a particular group of babies. At that point, you may think of preparing a customized preemie formula at home, but most medical experts do not recommend this due to safety concerns.

Premature babies have weaker digestive systems than full-term infants and, therefore, are more prone to developing digestive issues. For instance, most preemies have an allergy to cow’s milk, which is the primary ingredient of a majority of standard milk formulas available on the market. Medical experts generally prescribe a nondairy formula for those babies.

Preemie formulas are available in many types, but three of them are the most common.

  • Amino Acid-Based Formulas

Preemie formulas containing amino acids as a primary ingredient are generally suitable for preterm babies with an allergy to cow’s milk. Amino acids are simple proteins that are different from milk proteins.

  • Lactose-Free Formulas

Lactose is sugar in cow’s milk. Some preemies have difficulty digesting lactose and, hence, may be better candidates for lactose-free formula milk. However, please note that some lactose-free formulas may still contain milk proteins and might not be suitable for your baby. In such a scenario, you can give your preemie the soy-based formula.

  • Hypoallergenic Formula

Hypoallergenic preemie formulas are prescribed for babies allergic to cow and soy milk. According to research, hypoallergenic formulas can help prevent atopic diseases in infants. These formulas are also beneficial for babies with a higher predisposition to allergies than others.

Preparing and Feeding Formula Milk to a Premature Baby

Once you have found the suitable formula milk for your preemie, you must follow some preset protocols when preparing a serving and feeding your baby. Here are the instructions:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly before and after preparing a serving.
  • Make sure that the feeding bottle and its teat are properly sterilized.
  • Practice caution when preparing milk. The water you use should be freshly boiled and left to cool for about 30 minutes before you mix formula milk powder into it. Ideally, the water temperature should be 70 degrees Celsius, which is hot enough to eliminate bacteria in the powder. Let the prepared milk formula cool before feeding your baby.
  • Do not store prepared formula milk serving, even in the fridge. This is because bacteria can regrow in a serving that has been stored for future use.
  • Clean the bottle and teats with hot and soapy water after feeding your baby. Brush them properly to clean any milk residue. Use cold water to rinse the bottle and teats.
  • Store hot water in a thermos flask when going out with your baby.


Preemies are more vulnerable beings than full-term babies. This is why they require special care at the hospital and at home. They particularly need specialized and careful feeding so that they do not run the risk of nutritional deficiencies, which seem pretty inevitable at times. Therefore, it is crucial to pay proper attention to what and how you feed your preemie.

For more information and support, stay in contact with a qualified doctor. Not only will they instruct you about proper baby feeding, but they will also help you take good care of your preemie from all other aspects.

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10 Notable Street Styles For Men


Street fashion is not started at the studios or by designers. Instead, it is the fashion that youth and individuals follow or create from the grass-root level. Moreover, street styles have recently emerged in the urban setting. And the individuals, including both men and women, are keen to follow the trends to become part of the latest clothing standards. However, street fashion men have also been increasing significantly globally. And to learn about the latest trends happening all around the world, this article will be the right fit for you.

Ten Notable Street Styles For Men

There are several street fashion men’s styles around. However, the street style fashion list is listed below to understand different types better.

1. Cuban Collar Shirts

If you want an unintentional yet stylish look, these Cuban collar shirts are the best fit for all men. Moreover, street fashion men follow according to their likes and comfort. And that is the fundamental concept of street fashion that is here to achieve stylish looks. Furthermore, the shirts usually have short sleeves that again create a sense of comfort and easy-going dressing. And to accomplish the exact essence of wearing these shirts, bright colors look wonderous like yellow, orange, blue, and green. Lastly, men can pair up some shades or sunnies to complete the cool look.

2. Flares

The cuts are becoming the latest trend in street fashion men. Moreover, the flares are not in today’s development; they have been a part of the fashion world since the early seventies. Also, people improve their fashion to get a different, unplanned, relaxed look. And in the form of bell-bottoms, the cut enhances the personality. To get the style, pair it up with slim-fitted shirts. However, the funky hoodies and T-Shirts may also enhance the style. Lastly, it will be perfect for carrying in any color you want.

3. Long Shorts

The street fashion men are now evolving with the basic idea of bringing comfort forward. And that’s what the men are following these days. Moreover, it will be an excellent option for all the men in summer. And the funky colors of long shorts are becoming the latest trends in urban settings. Furthermore, pair it up with loose shirts and T-shirts to get the desired look, enhancing the more easy-going personality of all the carefree individuals. 

4. Oversized Cardigans and Blazers

Another street fashion men are following these days is oversized clothing. Moreover, going back to the ’80s, the fashion trend is not new. But street fashion has brought it back to get the most stylish and easy-going dressing. And as we know, the concept of street fashion lies in casual and comfortable clothing. And the best aspect is that the look is perfect for summer and winter clothing.

5. Monochrome Suits

The next street fashion men are following is the suits. Moreover, to achieve the look, monochrome suiting is something all men want to get a stylish street look. And as we know, suiting is referred chiefly to be part of the official settings. But they are taking it to the street level, and nailing it as a fashion is no less than a trend-setting. The best aspect is that looks perfect for all body types and shapes. And in any season, the individuals can wear it to enhance their personalities and feel comfortable at the same time.

6. Sunnies & Shades

The street fashion men are keen to follow to focus on eyewear. Moreover, all looks are nearly incomplete without the perfect eyewear. Furthermore, it is also not today’s trend that is booming. Eyewear has been part of the fashion industry since the beginning. Therefore, nailing all looks with perfect eyewear will be best to get the desirable street style look. The sunnies are lighter tones of eyewear, and shades are darker in tones. And matching it with the outfits or even neutral colors can add a notch up to a street style look.

7. Checks & Block Prints

Prints also matter a lot when it comes to pulling off any dress. Moreover, the street fashion men are looking forward to these days are the check and block prints that are taking the street fashion to another level. Furthermore, pairing them with plain white or neutral color bottom wear will be desirable. Lastly, they will look great for skinny people because such prints add more volume to the body shape. Lastly, it will look wonders in both summers and winters.

8. Bright Hues

Another Street men’s fashion is now reviving the colors that are often not wearable in men’s clothing. Moreover, the funky and bright colors are now becoming more trending. And the designers are now also referring to it as a fashion statement. And the most likable and admirable colors are the yellow, orange, green, and blue tones. Lastly, incorporating these hues may enhance the personality and the overall look.

9. Complementary Footwear

Footwear is no less another trend that will fulfill the street men fashion is looking to bring forward. Moreover, different styles are now available that ensure that they are wearable according to the types of the outfit. For example, the boots look well with flared-up pants. At the same time, a sneaker will be a great option to pair up with trousers and long shorts. Therefore, focusing on footwear will be mandatory to complement the street style look.

10. Cross-Body Bags

The last street fashion men are following these days are the cross body bags. Moreover, the men are keen to carry these bags to accessorize the look with the fashionable items. Furthermore, men globally focus on trying new and different styles and bringing up the comfort and luxurious look. Securing the items and bringing the class with them is the ultimate goal of wearing these bags. Primarily neutral color bags are preferable. But the bright hues bags with the plain neutral clothing are also seen.


These are the top ten notable street fashion for men. They are following these days. Moreover, from colors, prints, and cuts, the trends sum up the look of the individuals. Not all designs and outfits are preferable for everyone. Therefore, guidance will work wonders for all individuals keen to focus on street fashion. Most of the trends rely on the comfort. While keeping the stylish clothing on forward, the individuals are taking a notch up on street fashion globally. Lastly, follow what suits your nature because everyone is born with a unique personality.

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5 Festive Decorating Ideas for Your Flocked Christmas tree

So, you’ve decided to go ahead and get that flocked Christmas tree you’ve been eyeing for months, but you are not sure what the best way to decorate it will be? Well, worry no more! We are here with some great ideas to decorate your tree. We are sure that these decorations will bring out the beauty of your new living room addition in the best possible way!

When you first bring your flocked tree home, it might seem like there’s nothing you can do to make it look better than it already does. Well, these 5 decorating ideas will help you see your flocked tree in a whole new light. It’s time to shake up your decorating style and make your Christmas tree the talk of the town!

There are several ways to decorate a Christmas tree but we will stick to discussing only a few of our most favorite looks. You can choose these decorating styles or even add your touch for a unique and customized look. Whether you are flocking a fake Christmas tree or a real one, here are some quick and simple decoration ideas. We’ve ranked them from easiest to hardest so you can choose one depending on your skill level. 

Here goes!

  1. No Need of Decorations

Getting a Christmas tree might seem like a lot of work, but it’s quite simple. Not only does buying a flocked tree save you from having to spend time and money on ornaments, but it also serves as an easy way to bring holiday cheer into your home from the moment you set it up. 

You can just leave the tree as it is and it will still look so pretty!

If you are flocking an artificial Christmas tree yourself then make sure you fully cover the tree in snow and just admire your work with this minimal look!

We recommend adding just one thing though. Place a white sheet around the tree trunk, covering the floor underneath. It will look like snow piled up under the tree and will add a perfect touch to the flocked tree.

  1. Decorate With Only Lights

Lights are a great way to add some color and magic to your tree!

Make sure you use LED lights because incandescent ones get hot and can start fires. You can even buy a pre lit flocked Christmas tree if you don’t want the hassle of decorating the tree yourself.

When decorating yourself, all you have to do is string the lights on each branch of your flocked Christmas tree. If you find that sectioning off pieces of branches with clear tape makes placing individual light strands easier, go for it. It doesn’t matter how many bulbs come in each strand—just make sure they fit around your branches! 

And if they don’t fit? String up multiple strands! 

You might also want to stick to only clear bulbs; colored bulbs can make decorations look gaudy or tacky in our humble opinion.

  1. A Candle-lit tree

A beautiful alternative to a traditional flocked tree is a candle-lit flocked tree. Just add some battery-operated candles to your favorite ornaments, and place them on your tree. It’s a stunning sight, and it won’t cost you much!

Many people are opting for a flocked artificial Christmas tree nowadays. We also got the same last year and decorated the tree with these candles. People were so inspired by this style and we heard raving comments on our choice of decoration. We will suggest piling up some extra artificial snow on the branches to enhance the look and take this decorating idea to the next level.

  1. A Metallic Touch

Metallic decorations give your festive season decor an extra sparkle. In addition, they’re perfect for bringing out those extra rays of the winter sun. If you like to keep things simple with minimal embellishments, metallic ornaments and tinsel can be a great way to bring some life to your flocked tree. 

A metallic design can bring out your tree’s natural beauty, but you don’t want to go overboard. Use caution with shiny tinsel, metal garland, and sequins; you want shimmery accents that enhance your already beautiful tree rather than overpower it. Metallic balls are an especially good choice, as they’re usually made of either paper or polyester felt—two materials that are easy on flocking.

  1. Red and Silver look

The holidays are all about glitz and glamour. So, don’t hold back on your creativity when it comes to decorating your tree.  These vibrant silver and red colors will be sure to grab some attention. Red and white candy canes, shiny red ornaments, and silver tinsel can transform a plain tree into a perfect Christmas centerpiece.

If you’re decorating your Christmas tree with flocking, there’s nothing quite like red color to add some punch. Snow flocked Christmas tree with the burst of red looks very festive and it is a must-try decoration idea if you like colors!

Our Thoughts on Flocked Christmas tree

Everyone seems to be flocking a Christmas tree with spray snow these days. Not only it gives a gorgeous snow-covered look to your tree but can save you the trouble of decorating with too many decorations. Flocked trees look way better with minimum effort so we are all up for it!

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