Risk of low Blood Pressure

Risks of Low Blood Pressure in Pregnancy and How to Deal With It

Many pregnant women experience low blood pressure or hypotension during pregnancy. According to published research one in five pregnant women develops low blood pressure at some point during pregnancy. It’s more common in early pregnancy than at any other time during the nine months. Low blood pressure causes cold sweats, dizziness, and feels like you are about to faint. While low blood pressure in pregnancy can be scary, it is generally ...

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Weight Loss

Melissa Peterman Weight Loss – What is Her Secret?

Melissa Peterman is an actress and producer best known for her role as Barbra Jean in the ABC sitcom Reba, and as Billie in the CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory. Recently, she made headlines due to her dramatic weight loss in just one year.  The 41-year-old star's transformation has been featured in print as well as in electronic media extensively. This prompted many of her fans to ask her how she ...

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