Weather you are not able pay the bill via your regular job or want to explore freedom that freelance provides, many people have benefited from opportunities created by freelance work. As they say success do not come so easy so its not just signing up on these platform. You will have to create great portfolio of your previous work or even have to give tests to prove your skills. We have listed 3 top sites where you can find work as a freelancer.

1. Upwork

With over 1.5 million clients Upwork previous know as ODesk  provides a good platform for every kind of freelancer.  It provides facility to get short and long term projects which can be done as per hour bases or a complete project. Regardless of how much experience you have upwork has always something for you.

2. 99designs

If you believe you have great skills in Designing, 99designs is heaven of opportunities for you where you can showcase your designs.its a best platform from talented designer to prove themselves.

3. Peopleperhour

If you are a full stack web developer then peopleperhour is worth checking out. It provides great opportunities for web developer, designer SEO specialist where they can be easily selected.