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The 3 Best Freelance Websites to Find Jobs in 2019

Weather you are not able pay the bill via your regular job or want to explore freedom that freelance provides, many people have benefited from opportunities created by freelance work. As they say success do not come so easy so its not just signing up on these platform. You will have to create great portfolio of your previous work or even have to give tests to prove your skills. We ...

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Learn How To Install Godaddy SSL for Free

All of the information of the internet is basically transferred from one location to another location and a language called HTTP which stands for hypertext transfer protocol now HTTP by itself is unprotected and susceptible internet tricksters and thieves. So a technology called SSL Secure Sockets Layer was developed to protect the information traveling on the internet. When HTTP is being protected by SSL it inherits the letter S which ...

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Top 5 PHP Frameworks-

Top five php frameworks in 2018

For almost two decades, hypertext preprocessor is supposed to be one of the renowned services in the field of web development and designing. It is a type of scripting that provides us the knowledge of various web related items. Varying in range, there is a long list of pho frameworks gaining importance worldwide. Its popularity and the emerging strength have rendered it very useful and applicable in several aspects of ...

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Web development pixelbyme

What is full stack web development

Web development has two major blocks, one holds the the presentation of website while other holds data process. A Developer said to be a Full Stack Web Developer if he has two skill set :front-end and back-end development. Front-end + Back-end development = Full stack Development    Lets go into further detail to see what are these web building blocks and how they work together to achieve user interaction. Front-End Development This skillset revolves around ...

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How To Create Shortcode in WordPress

WordPress Shortcode API WordPress Shortcode API is complete set of methods that are used to create shortcodes in pages , posts and custom posts. For example, the following shortcode will add gallery with the attached images. Shortcode API enables developer to create specific content that a user cam insert into desired pages or posts. [gallery id="123" size="medium"] The API Shortcode handles  both kind of shortcodes self-closing and enclosing shortcodes by crafty parsing, thus eliminating the ...

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How to Install free SSL on Shared Hosting

SSL is the foundation of our secure Internet and it protects our sensitive data as it travels across the world's computer networks. SSL is necessary for protecting our website, even if it doesn't handle sensitive information like credit cards. It provides privacy, critical security and data integrity for both our websites and our users' personal information. Today we will show you how to install free SSL on your website.

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